In memoriam: Gonzo Lamers,  one of the founders of the Bopcats In memoriam: Marc Gregoire, one of the founders of the Bopcats


Welcome... the one and only original website about Bopcats through the years.

We're a very close group of friends going back more than 30 years, who share a passion for...


Our base was/is the Cruise Inn, but we have travelled widely in Holland and beyond. This is a website made by and for Bopcats, but I hope that many surfing visitors will have just as much fun as we do. You'll find many stories, memories, rock'n'roll meetings, but above all that, many many pictures taken over the years. I (Josť) Bopcat have many juicy stories, but it will be much nicer to hear them from you!! And that's why I need help from people who knew the Bopcats. If you know these people please email us at at: There are already some great story's at: "The Story of..." and "Flatfoot's".

Please sign the guestbook, whether you know the Bopcats or you don't, just give me your opinion. You can also use the forum/message board if you wanna tell or ask me something, or if you wanna talk about Rock'n Roll or Rockabilly. Most of the forum visitors speak/write English.

I hope that this site will be a place where you wanna return often, whether you're a Bopcat or a visitor.

Rockin regards Josť.

(Bopcat & webmistress)

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