Tuesday, the 26th of march 2002,

Marc Gregoire

decided to end his life in his beloved Caddy's Diner.

Like all the things he did in his live, he did this with full commitment and compassion. We respect Marc as a friend, as a Bopcat, .....not for his action, but certainly for all the things he ment to us.

We - The Bopcats, his friends, his family and all the people who knew him so well - are in totall shock.

Misunderstanding, understanding, sadness, angryness, love, pain are feelings that change by the minute.

The day after his death, 27th of march,

Marc would be 45 years old.


Because it's allmost impossible to get in touch with all the people who were on the funaral of Marc, inhere you'll find the card, which was send by the family!!

(Click on the card for a larger image)


This website is made for all the familymembers, friends and acquaintances of

Marc Gregoire

He is in our hearts forever, and will never be forgotten.

Because Marc had so many sides, talents, but also many friends, inhere you can place YOUR piece of Marc, so finally the Marc puzzle will be complete,..... if that's possible!

So for this moment: "Under Construction"


If you have some story's to tell, pictures or just an anecdote about Marc, please email me at:




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